CEACT Features

Features List CEACT Classic CEACT Light
AIS Channel Meeting Point check
AIS Target List and Find check check
Landscape or Portrait Display check
Head or North Up Orientation check check
Scale Units: NM, SM or KM check check
Channel Text Orientation check check
Large or Small Text Size check check
Go to Position (Mile/KM) check check
Zoom to Selected Range check check
Smart Chart Panning check check
Automatic Chart Feed check check
Ship and Tow Configuration check check
Advanced Tow Builder Menu check
Ten Color/Intensity Settings check check
Dual Variable Range Markers check check
Heading Marker Line check
Man Overboard Mark Display check check
Adjustable Ship View Display check check
Quick Mark Buoy/Objects Menu check
Scaleable Rate of Turn Indicator check
Channel Mile/KM Mark Display check check
Auto Channel ETA Calculation check check
Vessel Course Trajectory Display (Limit to 60 sec. for Light) check check
Bow and Stern Slide Display check
Full Pilot's Notes Controls check check
Past Track Display with Time Line check check
Past Track Multi-Archive Display check check
Full Feature Past Track Replay check
Convert Past Track to Route Plan check check
Manual or Auto Route Planning check check
Manual Water Gauge Corrections check
Dual Geo Ref. Depth Recorder check
Anti-Grounding/AIS Target Alarm check check
Move and Hide Menus & Displays check check
Configurable Ship's Data Recorder check
Digital PDF User Manual Menus check check
Quick Reference Guide Menu check check
GPS Accuracy Probability Outline check
Auto Making Way Detection Alarm check
Pilots Notes Automatic Backup check check
Filterable Soundings Display check check
SmoothGPS Optimization check check
View Official Bridge Imagery check check
Security by Dongle, MAC or Disk ID check
Admin Support for Ghost Image check
Support for Corporate Customization check
Ship's eMail Map Tracking Option check check
Barge Database Tracking Option check
Meteorological Environmental AIS Display check
Automatic Chart Update Menu check check
Automatic Software Update Menu check check
XP / Vista / Win7 check check

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