CEACT Information Systems, Inc.

Founded in 1999, CEACT Information Systems (Wayne County, WV) saw the need for specialized inland waterway navigation software and partnered with SevenCs GmbH of Hamburg, Germany, a leading maritime software company, to develop CEACT.

CEACT stands for Channel ECDIS, AIS & Course Trajectory and is navigation software that is specifically designed for professional tow boats and workboat operations within the confined waterways of the US inland river system. The first CEACT system took 2 years of intense effort to develop and was launched in 2001.

Based on its unique combination of inland waterway and tow boat features that saves user money and also enhances safety, CEACT has become not only one of the leading inland navigation systems in the US - used by over 400 tow boats and leading barge companies, such as AEP and Ingram Marine - but is also now used internationally on inland river systems as far afield as Latin America and South East Asia.

Our continuing vision at CEACT Information Systems is to be at the forefront of inland navigation system development and to help our customers have the safest, most efficient, and most competitive operations in the waterborne shipping industry.

Greg Dunkle
President, CEACT Information Systems.


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