Digital Charts

Advanced River Chart Technology using direct ENC.
CEACT Classic and CEACT Light use USACE and NOAA electronic navigational charts to the latest S-57 and IENC 2.1 standards, that have been optimized by ChartWorld for use in CEACT by converting them to SevenCs system ENC (SENC) format - directENC.

DirectENC (or dENC) charts offer significant advantages over standard S-57 charts, including: simplified chart management, faster system data loading, and embedded chart functions that allow key features of CEACT to function correctly and efficiently. These SENC enabled features include:

  • Channel Closest Point of Approach,
  • Natural Route Planning and ETA Functionality,
  • Mile Marker / Kilometer Marker On-line Display, and
  • Go to River Mile Position.

ChartWorld Digital Chart Agent

ChartWorld is an IHB data server and an ISO9001 approved digital chart agent that is a NOAA approved CEVAD for the distribution of NOAA ENCs in system ENC or SENC format. ChartWorld is also an IC-ENC, Primar and UKHO approved digital chart agent and VAR for international maritime navigational charts.

ChartWorld's US inland ENCs are available individually or in folios. They are also available in standard S-63 format for use in other electronic chart systems (ECS) or where the special SENC features of CEACT are not required.

ChartWorld US Inland Rivers Charts.


ChartWorld is a "Certified NOAA ENC® Value Added Distributor''